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Olympus VF-4 Electronic Viewfinder

Olympus VF-4 Electronic Viewfinder

The VF-4 Electronic Viewfinder for Select Olympus PEN Cameras from Olympus is compatible withmost Olympus PEN digital cameras with a firmware upgrade,but is directly compatible withthe E-P5. It provides a 2,360k-dot resolution on its LCD screen and it attaches to the camera's hot shoe mount. The VF-4 can be used indoors or outdoors and is particularly beneficial when capturing images in direct sunlight, avoiding the glare often found ona camera's rear LCD monitor. In addition, an eye-level viewfinder allows for more stable shooting because placing the camera to your eye provides a third contact point and steadier control.It offers a quick refresh rate to minimize ghosting on fast-moving subjects.The viewfinder has a 1.48x magnification factor and built-in diopter adjustment for easy viewing with or without eyeglasses.

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