Duty on Camera Equipment

Here's a list of duty rates on camera equipment. Remember, items manufacturered in the US are always duty free. If an item is not manufactured in the United States, the duties in the following table apply. Some categories are duty free (like Cameras and Lenses). We try to be accurate, but we're not responsible for any errors below.

We give the Canadian Border Services Agency classification code for each item in brackets.

ItemDuty Rate
Point and Shoot Cameras (8525.80.00)
SLR Cameras (9006.51.00)
Duty Free
SLR Lenses, Rangefinder Lenses (9002.11.10)
Duty Free
Flashes and Speedlights (9006.61.00)
Duty Free
Video Cameras
Video Cameras and Camcorders (8525.80.30)
Duty Free
Filters for Lenses (9002.20.10)
Duty Free
Lens Hoods
Lens Hoods for Lenses (9006.91.10)
Duty Free
Tripods, Tripod Tops (9006.91.10)
Duty Free*
Camera Parts
Parts of a Camera or Lens(9006.91.10.30)
Duty Free
Lighting Equipment
Umbrellas, Light stands, Umbrella clamps

* For some odd reason, Manfrotto Tripods are not classified as tripods, since they have uses other than as a photography tripod (video or sport-scope). Thus a duty of 6.5% is owing for "aluminum product", if your tripod is made of aluminum. A 3% duty applies to carbon fibre tripods.

Don't forget. You're always responsible for tax (PST and GST) and possibly brokerage fees, depending on the shipping method. Read our article on Cross-Border Tax, Duty, and Brokerage Fees for more details.

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P.S. When buying from the States we recommend Adorama or B&H Photo Video, two of the biggest and most respected camera stores down south.

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