Digital Memory Price Guide

Welcome to PhotoPrice's digital memory price guide! We briefly explain how to pick the memory that's right for you digital camera. For each memory product a table is presented showing the lowest Canadian price found for the product. Prices updated daily.

Memory Price Charts

Four Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Memory

Pick the right type. This one goes without saying. Digital memory for cameras comes in several different varieties. Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), and Memory Stick (MS). Pick the right one for your camera.

Pick the right size. How much you need depends on how many photos you take and how often you copy photos to your computer. As a rule of thumb, find out how many photographs you take at an average event or party and multiple by four. This lets you use your camera for several consecutive days without worrying about having enough space. If you're travelling, always bring more. Remember that memory prices are always dropping ... and fast. Don't buy more capacity than you need.

Pick the right speed. If you have a point and shoot, you really shouldn't bother with the higher speed cards. Generally, the limiting factor to your rate of fire is the camera, not the card. If you have an SLR, check out Rob Galbraith's CF/SD Performance Database and figure out which speed of card is right for you.

Don't get scammed. There are a lot of fake memory cards floating around on the Internet, especially from eBay. These cards will work, but generally won't have the advertised capacity or speed and may die suddenly. Don't get burned, buy from a trusted retailer when possible. Check out our price charts for the lowest Canadian prices around!


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