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Nikon Premier LX "L" 8x20 Binocular

Nikon Premier LX

The Premier LX series is Nikon's ultimate roof prism binocular series, and they've redesigned the housings of the entire lineup to shave substantial amounts of weight from the previous generation.The optics of the Premier LX have been so universally applauded that Nikon did not feel that they needed to be improved upon, and beyond the limitations of a budget the only complaint by users of these fabulous binoculars has been their high weight.Reductions are quite good at 12%, and B&H endeavors to individually weigh each binocular we carry for the most level playing field possible.Available in 8x20 and 10x25 pocketable versions, these are spare-no-expense optics with incredibly high light transmission for a roof prism binocular.Two things shared by almost all compact binoculars are relatively narrow fields of view for their given magnifications and prohibitively small amounts of eye relief.

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